PS Blog Train Renewal Freebie Kit from Antebellum Press

In Victorian times spring cleaning was done in May. In honor of that we have this Renewal freebie kit for you. After living in a house that is nearly 200 years old and having burned wood for heat all winter long I actually can appreciate why this was so important. My house has 4 non-working fireplaces but I understand since our furnace creates an ashy, sooty mess. So by Spring this house needs a thorough cleaning! Of course March and April could still be quite wet or cold so the vigorous work of deep cleaning took place in May. Taking up carpets and beating them outside was also during May. So that’s why the Victorians usually chose May for their Spring Cleaning.

Here is an article on how to do spring cleaning according to one source in 1872. If you read the article you will notice just how much work went into a spring cleaning. It could be quite in depth down to even re-papering & painting walls. Perhaps that’s why there as just so many layers of wallpaper on a lot of the old walls. 🙂

So for this blog train I chose to do the renewal theme in a little more literal manner. I have already had a chance to spring clean my home so I really appreciated this theme. There really is a sense of a renewal in coming out from winter and getting the house thoroughly clean from top to bottom! I was even able to repaint a room that needed it and the space is so much more refreshing to be in now! Happy Spring to you all!

You can download my contribution in zip form by clicking on the link below. Hope you can use it with to scrap your spring cleaning projects! As always I hope you enjoy!

>> Download PS May 2015 Renewal Mini Kit <<

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