Freebie Nov 2015 Harvest Kitchen Mini Kit

Pixel Scrapper Nov 2015 Blog Train Freebie Thankful Kitchen Mini Kit from Antebellum Press

The colors for this month’s palette at Pixelscrapper were very inspiring. So I made a small contribution toward the train. Thankful Harvest reminds me of fall harvest foods that are then ready to store away for the winter. So this freebie has a kitcheny twist. Also, we have been unearthing quite a few kitchen relics from the grounds of our Antebellum home. For example we have found bits and pieces of old aqua blue mason jars and their porcelain lid liners. We actually found the porcelain lid, which is in my Kitchen Basics kit ,whole and in tact.

I truly love discovering more about the past tenets of our home thru what is left behind.  And I’m very happy my 12yr old is such a willing helper. He gets out there in the dirt and helps find these pieces. With his help we are learning the story behind our nearly 200 year old home.

So we hope you will enjoy this freebie!

>> Download Harvest Kitchen Mini Kit <<

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