Spring Day Collaboration – March Winds April Showers and May Flowers

Despite some lingering snow showers we have been feeling a touch of spring here in my neck of the woods! The Double Campernelle Daffodils bloomed and what an intoxicating scent they give out! I’ve seen daffodils and as nice as they are the double daffodils are very amazing! This Pixel Scrapper Spring Day Collaboration is just what all of us in the northern hemisphere need for a little boost! And its now live! Be sure to go here and visit it in its entirety. The designers have really out done themselves & I’m excited to download this collab myself! And here are my parts for the collab which are the March Winds, April Showers & May Flowers kits :

Spring Day – March Winds

folder-jessicaD-sprinday-wind-elements   folder-jessicaD-sprinday-wind-papers

Spring Day – April Showers

folder-jessicaD-sprinday-showers-elements  folder-jessicaD-sprinday-showers-papers

Spring Day – May Flowers

folder-jessicaD-sprinday-flowers-elements   folder-jessicaD-sprinday-flowers-papers

I hope to have the April Showers element pack up rather soon  (They are up now!) and also in the works are some journal cards. I’m going to be offering a freebie mini kit for my portions which will be available to newsletter subscribers – so be sure to sign up and watch your inbox! It will also be available for those with Pixel Scrapper subscriptions.

Sadly too much life got in the way so I couldn’t finish all of the above before the 15th but I’m not giving up! 🙂 So keep checking back!

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