My Latest Kits at Pixelscrapper

As you may have noticed the Shoppe isn’t up. I decided to take a break on being a shop owner for a bit so I can keep things simple. I really want to streamline my focus and keep things as simple as possible. I may re-open in the future but this is where I am for now. I also might not be visiting visiting your inbox as I have taken a little break from newsletters. Again to compose is quite lengthy in time and without a store it’s not much purpose. I will, however, try and keep my Freebies post up to date for you all over at Pixel Scrapper.

In the meantime I have been pretty busy lately getting kits up at Pixelscrapper. First we had the June Good Life Collab which I was able to get Papers, Elements, Journal Cards, Photos Masks and a Mini Kit up.  But I’ve also been focusing on trying to get a lot of templates finished. So now the Snow Baby templates are up! To see those finally finiished gave me quite the sense of accomplishment as its been on my plate for some time now. Also the Spring Day Template Bundle is up as well. These are the templates for my parts of the Spring Day collab we did last year. Really sorry it has taken me so long in getting all these templates finished! My design process doesn’t start with a template so I have to go backwards to create the template and honestly I just lose focus many times. So it’s a work in progress! 🙂  Here are the links to the most recent kits I have been able to finish :

Spring Day Template Bundle


Winter Fun Snow Baby Templates


June Good Life Collab – Summer


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