Meet my 3rd cousin 6x removed! Seriously! Lucious Alden Burrell and his wife Almira celebrated their 75th anniversary back in 1930 at ages 96 and 93! What a milestone! When I ran across this video I just thought it was amazing! Though my Burrell cousins’ anniversary fell in April, a chilly April from the look of their coats, the idea of their marriage lasting so long inspired me! I especially love the humor they have with one another! Truly a legacy!

So Anniversary became the focus for my part of Marisa’s January Good Life Collab at Pixel Scrapper. And here are my parts for January’s Good Life collab.

Below are the links for the Legacy of Love kits.

Elements Papers Journal Cards | Word Art | Plaid Papers | Solid Papers

And here are some stunning pages & hybrid projects from my always wonderful Creative Team!

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