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ALFLT April 2019 Blog Train Freebie

Spring is certainly in the air! And April brings the next installment for the ALFLT Blog Train!

I don’t know why but I love picket fences. I hope to have one surround my yard one day. I was inspired by picket fences to create my latest template, which is a little different style than my usual. I hope you enjoy!

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I love this beautiful spring layout which was created by Varia from the Creative Team using the Free Template!

If you get lost you can go to the Official ALFLT Blog Train Facebook Fan Page. Also there is a master list pinned to the top if you need to jump to a specific stop, so be sure to head back to pick up more goodies! You can also post your layouts there if you would like! We would love to see them! It’s a packed train this month so don’t miss out!