A pretty sweet Collection is now at the Studio called Summer Memories.

When I was a child our class did something pretty out of the ordinary. One warm Florida day our class walked down the road to the ice cream parlor. Now, this was the first time I had ever been to an ice cream parlor. And boy was I so excited! My turn finally came for the man over the counter to send my chosen scoop to the little white cup with a wooden spoon, but wait – I had to actually choose a flavor? I froze nearly with panic that my one moment of bliss could be ruined by the wrong choice.

I can only imagine the heaves of sighs and groaning that were going on around this little girl who couldn’t make up her mind. My favorite flavor was normally strawberry, but after much thinking I figured I could get strawberry anytime. The blueberry was different & it was calling me! So that is what I finally chose. [At everyone’s relief I’m sure]

I remember it was the best blueberry ice cream I had ever tasted. [Didn’t regret that choice!] Course at that point it was the only blueberry ice cream I had ever had lol! But it was so heavenly! There are no photos of that day that I’m aware of, but I can still taste that ice cream.

Now, here is another ice cream moment in my life, altho I’m afraid I don’t recall much of the moment. My Aunt, in the stripes, probably remembers more than me. But I’m pretty sure, thanks to the Dairy Queen cups, that we must have had a little trip to the DQ. Perfect way to spend a hot day in central Florida. Right? Good ole’ days.

Just look at all the wonderful memories [and many of ice cream!] have been scrapped by my wonderful Creative Team!

Whether its cold juicy watermelon, creamy ice cream or Popsicle (my kids favorite) what’s your favorite treat to beat the heat?

Oh and last year I had made a freebie for this bundle, so you may already have it, but if you don’t you can still download it by going to the link below.

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