A Look Back : Into the Wild & Inner Wild +Freebie

I know this hemisphere is approaching Winter but I am going to share with you a little Summer time fun we had this year. I also have a printable freebie for you!

I had planned to visit the zoo this year, but thanks to Covid that was not happening. However, I still wanted the kids to enjoy the animals so, like many others, we did a “virtual zoo day” in August. I wanted to make it a little extra special since we couldn’t be at the zoo in person.

First, I created a poster which I just taped to our living room door. I used our local zoo’s logo in making these since we were watching from that zoo. Most of the poster was created using the Into the Wild bundle.

Then I created the menu & popcorn labels. My littles helped choose the name for our “cafe” which was Chick a Dee cafe. I used a mix of elements from the Into the Wild & Inner Wild bundles to help “dress up” the menu. For the popcorn labels I adhered them to paper lunch bags using double sided tape. One of my favorite ways to do popcorn bags.

I also created a ticket for each in the family. You can see an example of mine here. Again I used items from Into the Wild & Inner Wild to create the ticket. I added our local zoo logo to make these more fun & relevant. After cutting I just creased [or you can score] the dotted lines to make it easier for the “ticket master” to tear off. The kids really loved these and were quite eager to wave them at the “ticket master” which happened to be their safari dressed older brother lol!

I printed out the Zoo Maps to follow along while we “visited” each animal video on our Zoo’s youtube channel. We had all our wild stuffed animals on the couch in the living room with us while we watched the lemurs, hippos, tigers, hedgehogs, penguins, giraffes, ect. We hopped all over that map.

It didn’t take too much time to create these things as I kept it pretty simple. But just those few extra touches made it a lot more fun for them. As you probably already know scrapbook kits can be used in so many different ways. I am often using them like this for little events we do.

And here is the printable freebie for you if you are interested…a PDF of the popcorn labels I created. These would be great for a safari, jungle, zoo or wild animal themed party or just a fun movie night watching Jungle Book 😉

Into the Wild & Inner Wild Bundles

You can find the bundles I used on Pixel Scrapper following the links below.

Have a wonderful weekend Ladies & Gent!

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