Hello! I’m Jessica, the face behind Antebellum Press. I have been happily married to my husband since 1998. We met online in 1996! My husband and I have been blessed to welcome 4 children into our life. I’m a homeschooling mama, planner nerd, weather nut, and 19th century loving girl extraordinaire.

We started our married life in Louisiana but found our way to Kentucky over the years. Finally bought the Antebellum home we live in now, which for this Victorian loving girl was pretty much a dream come true! Some of the artifacts I find actually end up in my designs!

Among my love of designing I love history, genealogy, archaeology, and photography. I used to draw when I was a kid. I probably should have kept up on that skill.
We currently share our home with 3 kids, the oldest having moved out, and 4 cats Daisy Mae, Clara Bell, Twilight and Lexi.